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GemStone Jewelry - A Traditional Favorite

Precious and semi-precious gemstones, also referred to as gems or jewels, have been revered by manJewel Chest since earliest times. Gemstones have been used in jewelry and decorative accessories through time. Early man valued semi-precious stones for their hardness. He made tools and utensils from these stones. It was a natural progression for him to use the best of these for ornaments on his person or attire. Kings drank their fluid of choice from a jewel encrusted gold challis. The pirates treasure chest contained gold and jewels. The Ruby has been the jewel of royalty and can even command a value greater than diamond.

There are healing powers ascribed to various stones. There is much lore concerning the powers of the stones. The ascribed powers vary according to culture and time period, but it is easy to find information on those powers on the Internet even today. A believer in these powers would have a full set of gems and wear or carry the ones that he feels would be of most value to his current situation. Generally the better quality the gem the greater the associated power.

Assorted GemstonesThere are gemstones that come in every color of the rainbow. Properly cut, a diamond can show all of those colors itself. But other stones come in a wide variety of colors.  Some are clear and valued for the way that they interact with light. Others are translucent or solid in color. Nearly all are unusually hard materials.

Nearly all gems are naturally occurring minerals, although modern technology has allowed most to be synthesized in the laboratory. Many that are called by different names are actually the same mineral with different impurities. A Ruby is red and an Sapphire is traditionally blue, but their base mineral and crystalline structure is the same. The difference is minute quantities of impurities within the base crystal of the jewel.

Gems are found around the world. Each state in the US has something to offer. In recent years it has been found that there are vast deposits in the Northwest. An active geological survey in Wyoming has located gold and gemstone deposits in major quantities. The Southwestern states have turquoise deposits and produce some beautiful silver/turquoise jewelry. Brazil has major deposits of Amethyst, the beautiful clear purple or lavender gemstone. South Africa may be thought of as the diamond capital of the world, but diamonds are also found distributed around the world.

From earliest times when stone age man began wearing his best tools and trinkets as ornaments and giving them as special gifts gemstones have played a role in society. The traditional diamond engagement ring proclaims everlasting love. There are gemstones associated with the month of your birth and your zodiacal sign. These are all made into beautiful items of jewelry.

Much gemstone jewelry is handcrafted. The piece of jewelry or setting is matched to the jewel by the true artisan. This gives the piece greater value and displays the precious stone to its best advantage.

What type of gemstone jewelry would you like for yourself or to give as a gift? For some general Gemstone Jewelry Ideas visit our Ideas Page or for specific information visit our other pages listed here.

Gemstone RingGemstone Rings

Rings featuring precious and semi-precious gemstones offer exceptional beauty. Weather you want to pamper yourself or give a gift with lasting value you are sure to find something that pleases among the beautiful handcrafted offerings on our rings page as well as finding some interesting information on gemstone rings. . .

Gemstone EarringsGemstone Earrings

Earrings are a common accessory for ladies and for some men. Gemstone earrings can add that special touch to an outfit or occasion. Gemstones come in such a variety of colors that  something perfect can be found or our earring page as well as some other interesting information . . .

Gemstone PendantGemstone Pendants

A tasteful pendant set with a precious or semi-precious gemstone can be the perfect accent for an outfit. A bit of sparkle at the neckline can be an attention getter. Gemstones come in many sizes and colors so you can make your fashion statement with a gemstone pendant. We have found some interesting information about pendants that you might want to check out.

Gemstone BraceletGemstone Bracelets

A gemstone bracelet is an elegant accessory to any outfit. A bracelet set with precious or semi-precious stones will provide long term pleasure each time there is an occasion for it to be work. Gemstone bracelets can be very simple or more fancy so there will be something for every situation.

Gemstone Belt BuckleGemstone Belt Buckles

Both men and women can enjoy the pleasure of a beautiful gemstone belt buckle. Since belts are worn with most attire the gemstone belt buckle can become a signature piece for daily wear. Belts and buckles have been worn through out history, why not make a statement with yours?

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