Finding The Perfect Charm Bracelet

April 23rd, 2015
Choosing jewelry for yourself or for a significant other is all about having lots of choices; nothing gives you more choices then a charm bracelet does. If you are building a charm bracelet for yourself think about the charms you want to add to your collection. With so many charms available to choose from you may think it is almost impossible to make Read The Post [...]

The Many Benefits Of Shopping Online For Jewelry

April 2nd, 2015
Shopping online has so many benefits. People are buying everything from furniture to toilet paper online. With the convenience of shopping from your home it is possible to make more significant purchases such as jewelry including wedding and engagement bands. When you are looking to buying jewelry online there are a few basic guideline to live by to Read The Post [...]

Understanding The 5Cs When Buying Gemstone Jewelry Online

February 21st, 2015
The 5Cs, commonly known for selecting the perfect diamond are also the key to choosing gemstones. In order to find a gemstone piece that is perfect it is important that you learn about the 5Cs: color, cut, clarity, carat weight and cost. When you understand how each plays into the purchase of a stone you will more likely to choose something exquisite. Let's Read The Post [...]

Shopping For Jewelry Online

February 19th, 2015
Options in jewelry range from custom, designer pieces to plastic costume pieces. Jewerly preferences are just as unique as the individual that is looking to wear each piece. Budgets are different for each purchaser and therefore play a large role in what type of jewelry is purchased as well. There are a number of designers that create pieces that become Read The Post [...]

Tips When Shopping for Silver Jewelry

January 27th, 2015
By Graham Brightwell Silver jewelry is popular because it's durable, affordable, and it comes in a wide variety of designs. If you're looking to shop for a silver piece, keep the following shopping tips in mind: Determining Quality Genuine sterling silver must be stamped with 925 or .925. This means that it is 92.5% pure silver. This is the Read The Post [...]

Jewelry Options For Your Winter Wedding

January 6th, 2015
What could be more gorgeous than a winter bride? The winter season leaves a blanket of white, glittery snow on the ground and rooftops. It is an absolutely fabulous time of the year to get married. Winter weddings are incredibly romantic and tend to be some of the most beautiful. Winter brides are able to use rich, luxurious color blends while spring Read The Post [...]

What You Should Know When You Sell Gold Jewellery

December 20th, 2014
By Abraham Barakat A common method of making money is through selling your gold jewelry. This is perhaps one of the personal articles which tend to accumulate over the passage of time. From time to time, the jewelry may go out of fashion, or even one of your earrings may simply get lost. It doesn't matter what your motive for selling is, but if you Read The Post [...]

How To Take Proper Care Of Your Jewelry

December 7th, 2014
People wear jewelry on a daily basis. Very few people realize that they can preserve their jewelry using some forethought. Follow the steps below in taking care of everything from your finest jewelry to costume pieces. The first tip in caring for your jewelry is to remove pieces when you are performing tasks that expose the pieces to physical damage Read The Post [...]

Purchasing An Engagement Ring Online

November 5th, 2014
Buying an engagement ring is something most of us will only do once in a lifetime. An investment such as an engagement ring is not something that should be taken lightly, it is a large investment both financially and emotionally. Purchasing jewelry is something most of us lack experience in. This makes the process of finding a perfect ring for your Read The Post [...]

Choosing The Perfect Pair Of Diamond Studs

November 5th, 2014
There are a few essential pieces that stand the test of time; think about your favorite blue jeans, that purse that goes with everything, the perfect boots and your go to sweater. The only thing missing from this list is a pair of diamond studs. Take any outfit or mood swing, add a bit of sparkle in the form of diamond studs and you can literally go Read The Post [...]